Current Recipients

In 2016 the Institute of Health Economics (IHE), in partnership with health economists from the Universities of Alberta and Calgary, and Alberta Health, developed two NOAHE Graduate Awards and two NOAHE Scholar Awards to build health economics capacity by bringing together aspiring health economists with policy leaders and researchers from academic, non-profit, and governmental sectors. This year's award recipients are listed below.

NOAHE Health Economics Graduate (Internship) Award Recipients

Nathan McClure profile pictureMr. Nathan McClure – University of Alberta Graduate Award Recipient
Nathan McClure is currently a doctoral student in the School of Public Health at the University of Alberta. Mr. McClure’s PhD research objective is to demonstrate if, and how, the concept of a minimally important difference (MID) in health utility score may be operationalized in a health economic analysis. He has experience with the Alberta PROMs and EQ-5D Research and Support Unit, Alberta Health Services, the Public Health Agency of Canada, and the World Health Organization, involving health status measurement, emergency medical services, communicable disease surveillance, and case management. He seeks to ensure replicable and meaningful study results using a combination of customized approaches and sound methodology.

Shainur Premji profile pictureMs. Shainur Premji – University of Calgary Graduate Award Recipient
Ms. Shainur Premji is currently a doctoral student at the University of Calgary. Shainur has experience as a Senior Analyst with the Population, Public, and Indigenous Health (PPIH) portfolio of Alberta Health Services (AHS), where she led health economics initiatives related to PPIH programming, including a study examining screening, diagnosis, and treatment patterns related to postpartum depression (PPD) in Alberta. Ms. Premji's goal is to become a senior health economist and professor, capable of leading research initiatives designed to improve evidence-informed health resource allocation decisions.

NOAHE Health Economics Scholar (Fellowship) Award Recipients

Jian Wang profile pictureDr. Jian Wang – University of Alberta Fellowship Recipient
Dr. Wang recently completed her PhD in Health Services and Policy Research at the School of Public Health, University of Alberta. Dr. Wang’s PhD thesis focused on mental health services and economics. She has presented abstracts at international conferences in health economics, including presentations at the International Health Economics Association (iHEA) World Congress and at the Thirteenth Workshop on Costs and Assessment in Psychiatry. The focus of her NOAHE Fellowship project will be to examine the supply-side effect of financing psychotherapy services for children and youth in Alberta.

Yewande Ogundeji profile pictureDr. Yewande Ogundeji – University of Calgary Fellowship Recipient
Dr. Ogundeji is a Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Calgary, whose research interests include health system policies and the role rigorous evidence plays to improve decisions towards better health outcomes. She is particularly interested in how health financing decisions can lead to better quality and equitable health care. Dr. Ogundeji has also investigated the impact of performance-based payment in health care in the United Kingdom and other European countries. Her fellowship research will focus on factors that influence specialist physicians’ choice of payment model and the association with quality and utilization.