Health Economist Contract


Medical Meditation is a mobile app that provides guided meditations for patients’ with chronic illnesses, such as cancer and inflammatory bowel disease. We have received pre-approval for an Alberta Innovates grant and need a health economist as part of our team.

We are creating a study to examine if Medical Meditation can reduce anxiety in patients’ about to get intravenous or injection based medications at specialty clinics (Coverdale clinics). We would also like to examine if this can save nursing time and improve patient experience.

Health Economics Specific Issues

We need help with designing our study to maximize our chances that Medical Meditation can show economic benefit. We want to evaluate the QALY economic benefit from our app to these patients, and include other measures that could lead to this app being evaluated by CADTH. The study has to be simple but designed and powered to provide statistically significant results. In addition, if we can show benefits to the patient experience for the clinic this would be a bonus and also something we wish to quantify.


We wish to be generous in our compensation in order to get the best candidates.

We will hire at 1.5x your normal hourly rate for the first part of the project which involves emailing to understand the background from us, reviewing the materials, and coming up with a 2-page economics specific study design which will be incorporated into the larger grant. We will provide a retainer to the accepted candidate on hiring.

If we receive the grant, we will continue to work with you and compensate at 1.75x your normal hourly rate. We are also open to a flat rate fees in the low-mid range five figure compensation based on the scope of the project and your involvement.

Thank you sincerely for your interest in helping this small start-up company
Dr. Nikhil Joshi

How to apply

Re: Health economist contract

The successful applicant will have downloaded the app (it’s free), listened to the pre-treatment meditation and visited our website at In your opening email please introduce yourself, initial thoughts on why you’d be excited to work on this project as well as your adjusted (1.5x) hourly rate.