Alberta Health Economics Study Group 2021 - Networking Event

The IHE, University of Calgary, and University of Alberta were pleased to host an online student networking event. The event provided an opportunity to discuss career and methods topics within health economics with students, academics, and policy makers. The event was structured around a series of small group mentoring conversations.

Event Details

Date: NOVEMBER 18, 2021
Time: 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM MT
Location: Online, via Zoom
Registration Deadline: November 1, 2021


Topics, Mentors, and Facilitators

AH Policy, Data, and Epidemiology
Mentor: Amy Colquhoun
Facilitator: Erin Kirwin

AHS organizational focus and finance
Mentor: Anderson Chuck
Facilitator: Himani Pandey

Early career pathways & post-doctoral experiences
Mentor: Carmel Montgomery
Facilitator: Ellen Rafferty

Health economics for clinicians
Mentor: Braden Manns
Facilitator: Eldon Spackman

Imposter Syndrome
Mentor: Chris McCabe
Facilitator: Kate Harback

Taking the Leap from Academia to a Commercial Sector Career
Mentor: Kelly Narine
Facilitator: Danica Wolitski

Working as a health economist within a health system
Mentor: Braden Manns, Thomas Mullie
Facilitator: Eldon Spackman