The Network of Alberta Health Economists (NOAHE) regularly posts information on events hosted by national and international health economics organizations and associations, as well as events related to areas of interest in health economics and health policy. Events posted here are often identified by our members, but we will consider requests for posting an upcoming meeting, workshop, or conference sent to Requests will be reviewed according to the NOAHE criteria for inclusion and appropriateness to NOAHE's mandate.

AHESG 2022

The Alberta Health Economics Study Group (AHESG) aims to bring together Alberta-based health economists for a day of lively discussion about current research and provides opportunities for networking. The objective of AHESG meetings is to promote a study group atmosphere despite large numbers. All papers are pre-circulated and discussed in 45-minute sessions using discussants rather than author presentations. The AHESG session will focus on the research of students and trainees, and will be a great opportunity to get feedback on early draft papers. The AHESG welcomes people from all backgrounds with an interest in Health Economics!

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Health Economics and Technology Assessment Rounds VI

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