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NOAHE Rounds III Session 7: Probabilistic One-way Sensitivity Analysis and the Conditional Expected Net Benefit

Good practice guides to the analysis of parameter uncertainty for cost effectiveness analysis has recommended probabilistic analysis for much of the last two decades. However, the use of deterministic approaches to one-way sensitivity analysis has persisted. In part this has reflected a demand from decision makers to understand the impact of specific parameters on the expected value of a technology. In this seminar Dr. McCabe will provide an overview of the problems with deterministic one-way sensitivity analysis and then describe a method for implementing probabilistic one-way sensitivity analysis for evaluations with 2 and 3 or more technologies. Dr. McCabe will then describe graphical presentations of the outputs of both forms of probabilistic sensitivity analysis.

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NOAHE Rounds III Session 8

The NOAHE Health Economics and Technology Assessment Rounds are presented by the Institute of Health Economics, the University of Calgary Health Economics Group and HTA Unit, and the University of Alberta Health Economics Unit. Their aim is to advance health economics research and support evidence-based health policy, to improve the health outcomes of Canadians.

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