Collecting, measuring and estimating costs of a health care innovation in Alberta: A learning series

This opportunity is offered by the University of Calgary Health Economics Group in collaboration with Strategic Clinical Networks with Alberta Health Services, the University of Alberta, and the Institute of Health Economics.


  1. Introduce and build capacity in how to use and apply costing analysis, important components of studying the impact of a health care innovation.

  2. Describe the key data sources available in Alberta that can inform a study of a health care innovation.

  3. Determine what cost data should be collected or utilized to assess the impact of an innovation implemented in the health system.

  4. Review analytic methods to estimate the impact of an innovation on health care costs.

Opportunities for attendees: Attendees can develop projects during the learning series and will have the opportunity to apply to present their projects during Lab 1. Presentations will include examples of costs to track, data sources, and study design. Interested attendees will be asked to submit a short overview of their project at the start of this series. There will be some limited opportunities for 1:1 mentorship with health economists, including preparation for the Lab 1 presentation.

There will be four 2-hour sessions, two laboratories, as well as mentorship opportunities, and opportunities to develop and present projects during the series. The sessions will be live and held virtually, allowing for interactions with expert Health Economics panels, but will also be recorded for those unable to attend. 

The core sessions introduce foundational knowledge and applications, while labs present opportunities to engage with experts and put learning into practice to create an analysis plan and report results.

Core Sessions (online, held live and recorded)
Time: 12 – 2 pm for all sessions

  • September 10, 2021: Session 1: Introduction to costing and the learning series
  • September 24, 2021: Session 2: Health care cost data in Alberta
  •  October 8, 2021: Session 3: Analyzing the impact of an innovation on health care costs 
  • October 22, 2021: Session 4: Applications across Alberta

Labs (online, held live)
Time: 12 - 2 pm for both labs

  • November 5, 2021: Lab 1: Cost analysis project planning
  •  November 19, 2021: Lab 2: Completing cost-related tables in PRIHS applications

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Attending the entire series is encouraged but not required. There are no costs for participating in this learning series. There is no limit on attendance.

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