6 versus 12 months of adjuvant trastuzumab for HER2-positive early breast cancer (PERSEPHONE): 4-year disease-free survival results of a randomised phase 3 non-inferiority trial

The authors aimed to investigate whether 6-month adjuvant trastuzumab treatment is non-inferior to the standard 12-month treatment regarding disease-free survival.

Year of Publication: 2019

Authors: Helena Earl, Louise Hiller, Anne-Laure Vallier, Shrushma Loi, Karen McAdam, Luke Hughes-Davies, Adrian Harnett, Mei-Lin Ah-See, Richard Simcock, Daniel Rea, Sanjay Raj, Pamela Woodings, Mark Harries, Donna Howe, Kerry Raynes, Helen Higgins, Maggie Wilcox, Chris Plummer, Janine Mansi, Ioannis Gounaris, Betania Mahler–Araujo, Elena Provenzano, Anita Chhabra, Jean Abraham, Carlos Caldas, Peter Hall, Christopher McCabe, Claire Hulme, David Miles, Andrew Wardley, David Cameron, Janet Dunn

Journal Title: The Lancet

Volume: 393

Issue: 10191

Pages: 2599-2612