Early mortality following diagnosis of multiple myeloma from 2011 to 2016 in Alberta, Canada: Initial results from the population-based Identifying Outcomes in Real-World Multiple Myeloma (INFORMM) st

The clinical outcomes of patients with newly diagnosed multiple myeloma (NDMM) have improved. However, early mortality (EM) post-diagnosis remains a concern, with incidence ranging from 13% at 2 months to 29% at 1 year after diagnosis. EM can be influenced by patient age, comorbidities, performance status, therapy, and disease biology. Our aim is to examine EM incidence in patients with NDMM and to describe variables that may influence EM in the era of novel chemotherapeutic agents using the INFORMM Study, an ongoing, province-wide real-world evidence study in Alberta, Canada.

Year of Publication: 2019

Authors: Eileen Shaw, FF Liu, Guanmin Chen, Jason Tay, Megan Farris, Tara Cowling, Victor Jimenez-Zepeda

Journal Title: Journal of Clinical Oncology